Wow! Harrysong Pays Visit To The House He Lived In 11 Years Ago In Port Harcourt, Shares Photo

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by Samuel

Nigerian singer, Harrysong has shared a photo from his visit to the house in which he lived some 11 years ago in Port Harcourt.

Harrysong, one of Nigeria’s very popular singers has stunned his followers with a photo he released recently on Wednesday, 24th April, 2019
The photo showed him in a compound with dilapidated walls and structures with two women flanking him.
Harrysong revealed that he used to live in that same compound some 11 years ago before he found success in the music industry. He decided to pay a visit to the house to help the women in the little he could.
He wrote: “Looks like a back to my root video shoot abi ?? .. no it’s not. The lady by my left is POLINA ,the one by my right is mama Aboy
“11 years ago I lived in this compound, number 16 Awkwuzu street diobu mile 1. With my father and step mum ,
“life was hell my people ,through the tough and rough times,Harrykoko became your Harrysong today,
“POLINA will always stand for me,and support me no matter wat….. she’ll always tap my back and shout Harrykoko Harrykoko the world star 
“I decided to visit them today wen I heard about the hard times and how they ve been struggling with a lot ..did the little I could … 
“it’s amazing how we can now laugh about everything today.  
“as a kingmaker,am just the chief servant.stay true to your self my people. 
“I stay grateful. I support people ,not parties”
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