Tony Momoh: President Buhari still has enough time before naming cabinet

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By Brendan Umoren

Prince Tony Momoh, a former Minister of Information, on Tuesday said there is no need for Nigerians to be anxious on the non-appointment of Ministers by President Muhammadu Buhari saying there is still enough time for that to be done.

He also argued that though the president can administer the affairs of the country without ministers, the constitution that gave him the power to rule also states that he should appoint ministers from all the states of the federation.

Momoh said the President needs time to carefully select those who will run the cabinet with him.

“Why should Nigerians be worried? For instance, the last time they said it took him six months to appoint ministers. He had to study the terrain and appointed many people he didn’t know. I think this time around it won’t take that long for him to name his cabinet.

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“If you look at the constitution, the President is everything. He is the minister, he is the president. According to the constitution, it is the person he delegates power to that exercises the power as minister or any other official.

“So, one can hold the President accountable for everything that is happening. He can rule without ministers but the constitution that gave him power to rule also states that he should appoint ministers. It is now up to him when to appoint ministers.

“You and I know that Nigeria is so complicated. There is so much to do to bring out who you want to be your colleague in running the government. So, I don’t think the appointment of the ministers is too late,” he said.

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