“The timing of my wife’s apology was pure coincidence” Adekunle Gold reacts after Simi was accused of apologizing to the LGBTQ community for “selfish” reasons

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by Linda Ikeji

Adekunle Gold has finally reacted after his wife Simi was called out for the timing of her apology to the LGBTQ community.

Simi apologized to the LGBTQ community for a homophobic comment she made months ago that homosexuality is “not natural”.

Her comment angered the LGBTQ community but she didn’t address it.

She finally addressed it on August 4 by issuing an apology but it coincided with the time her husband Adekunle Gold took to Instagram to promote his feature in a magazine that promotes LGBTQ creatives.

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At first, Nigerians accepted her apology and said it was sincere. However, when people noticed Adekunle Gold’s post, they felt betrayed and accused Simi of only apologizing to prevent a backlash from the LGBTQ community (read here).

The backlash came eventually and members of the LGBTQ community tagged the editor of the queer magazine and demanded that Adekunle Gold’s feature be taken down because his wife is homophobic and his views don’t represent them.

It appears the feature was eventually taken down because Adekunle Gold soon deleted the caption that was directing people to the link to his interview.

Reacting to the backlash, Adekunle Gold said his wife’s apology was “a pure and simple coincidence”. He added that she had “no idea about this or any interview whatsoever.”

He went on to extol his wife’s qualities, pointing out that she’s “a beautiful, kind, and loving person.”

He added that people make mistakes and he begged people to consider her apology and give her a chance.

Read the rest of his apology below.

"The timing of my wife
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