“Tears overwhelmed me daily” Georgina Onuoha talks about suffering postpartum depression

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by Linda Ikeji

Actress Georgina Onuoha has revealed what it was like for her when she was expecting her second child.


She said she had just moved overseas and had a husband who was always busy working. She was suffering from postpartum depression and isolation and being alone in a foreign land without friends compounded matters.


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Sharing her story, she wrote:


Memory lane
12 years ago with Chigozie at arm and 7 months heavily pregnant with Chimezie.
I was tired, home sick and depressed. Barely 8 months in a new country, no friends, no family, I was a loner with a partner who was always extremely busy with work as a medical doctor. Life was rough and of course like most new mom I suffered postpartum depression and isolation.
Thank God my mom had to leave everything to come stay with me till my baby was born and she left two weeks after that. Having two infants at arms is not for the faint of heart. Baby blues was my partner and tears overwhelmed me daily.

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