Stop encouraging drug abuse, Shakar EL tells entertainers

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Rising artiste Shakar EL is worried at the rate some entertainers encourage the use of drugs in public and on their social media platforms.

According to the Enugu-born singer whose real name is Chukwudi Ezeagwa, the problem of alcoholism and drug use among youths is very serious.

“I am really scared and sad about the rate of alcoholism and drug abuse among young entertainers and Nigerian youths in general,” he said.

“The problem is very serious. I consume alcohol on a moderate level and back then I used to take more than enough till I learnt about the harm it can cause me and I reduced it and became a social drinker. I have never tried any drug before but the rate of drug abuse among Nigerian youths is really alarming. And I plan to do a song about that because it is through my voice and lyrics that I can preach to Nigerian youths to know that you can be hip without abusing drugs and alcohol. I also think that my fellow entertainers should stop encouraging drug abuse by smoking in public and making it look kool for their young fans that look up to them.”

Speaking on what he is up to, Shakar El said: “I have a current single that I am promoting at the moment titled Olimango… Olimango is an international sound I pray it reaches its full potential.”

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Shakar El started his music career professionally in 2009 and returned from the UK 2011 to pursue his music as he says there’s no place like home. He describes his genre as Orishrishi music, a fusion of highlife with Dancehall, Afrobeat, Hiplife, Pop and Hip hop.

by Sampson Unamka

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