Residents vow to fast on Sallah day as foodstuff prices soar in Kaduna

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Kaduna residents have vowed to celebrate this year’s Eid el-Kabir with fasting and prayers, as they cannot afford to buy foodstuff, which has continued to rise, even less than 24 hours to Eid el-Kabir.

The residents said they have no alternative than to celebrate with empty stomachs as they embarked on fasting and prayers since they cannot afford the high cost of foodstuff and rams which have soared beyond their reach.

Although many would be buyers rushed to make the last purchases, only few of them can afford to buy some cups of rice, beans instead of mudus, and food ingredients in preparation for Sallah

Some who went to the market expecting to buy ram could only afford to buy meat in kilos.

According to Alhaji Yahaya Umar, Chief Imam of Kajuru mosque, “I went to the market to buy ram today (Monday), but I could not afford to buy ram. The price was so exorbitant above my reach.”

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Also in an interview, Hajia Ramatu Mohammed, who was astonished over the cost of foodstuff in the market, said, she bought a bag of rice yesterday at N30,000 but today, the same bag of rice is sold for 35-40,000 naira.

However, Alhaji Saidu Musa who sells foodstuff in wholesale said “since four weeks, we could no longer get additional foodstuff from our suppliers because they too complained of scarcity of foodstuff in their warehouses.”

“So, we only make do with what we have at our disposal. It’s just that many buyers are chasing a few foodstuffs. The highest bidder will definitely take it,” he said

Although some clerics and pastors were in popular Kaduna markets to persuade wholesalers to reduce prices of foodstuffs during the festive period, their request was turned down. Some of the food sellers complained that they too bought the foodstuff at a higher price, even as they said that already the price of foodstuff was not beyond the reach of buyers.

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