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What is PuruxMine investment club about?
This investment club helps you save your money while investing it on your behalf and bears your insecurities, in return pays you profit at the end of the period.
At the end of every investment period, you have not only saved your money but also invested and made a profit for yourself.
We do not promise ridiculous high returns but what we assure you is sustainability of the system

What we do at the PuruxMine Investment Club is very simple. We trade in Cryptocurrencies eg bitcoin, ripple, neo, ethereum, litecoin etc We buy coins when its low and sell when it appreciates. So when you invest with us, you get 15% interest flat monthly on your Capital. Eg 100k pays out 115k, 1m pays out 1.150m etc.

We are in partnership with a team of Expert Cryptocurrency Traders who have learned and executed positive trades for close to 5 years and have developed an Excellent Rock-solid strategy that guarantees profit every month.

Rather than dabble into the crypto world alone inexperienced, invest with us, we take the risk off you. This is an opportunity for you to leverage on our Expertise.

Whats App – 09034427794

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The PuruxMine Investment Club Guidelines:

We’ve developed an efficient trading system that so long as we keep trading with your investment capital, you get a bonus (profit) on a monthly basis.

Currently our members will be paid 15% monthly based on their investments, i.e we trade for you as long as you want your money to work for you.

Take your time to read the Guidelines of our investment process:

(1) Every week the investment window will be opened for investors to make payments. Deadline is Sunday by 12pm.

(2) This WhatsApp group has been created for the purpose of showing interest and payment dates.

(3) Its time to start making your money work for you.
This is what is possible.
Invest 100,000 to get 115,000
Invest 1,000,000 to get 1,150,000. Thats 15% flat.

(4) Each investor will private chat (look for ‘ PMIC Juliet’ on) and state the exact amount he/she wishes to invest and the preferred tenor.

(5) The list of the new investors will be compiled and published on the Whatsap group latest by 12pm on Monday.

(6) The window for Receipt of funds for investment will open from tuesday till Sunday 12pm. Funds shall be deposited into our Diamond Bank Current Account. Once fund is received, we will acknowledge same.

(7) Only Names of Depositors should be used as details when making payment. Terms like crypto, investment, PMIC, and any other irrelevant details aside your names should Not be used.

(8) Minimum deposit amount acceptable for investment is N100,000 while maximum is N10,000,000. Once payment is made, private chat admin and attach screenshot of payment

(9) Minimum tenor for investment is 30 days Maximum is for as long as you want.
You can choose to be on a 30days plan and get back your capital and profit after 30days or 150days plan and get only profit every 30days and capital at the end of the period

(10) Those on the 30 days plan will get both capital and interest at the end of the 30-day window.

(11) Roll over is only for those on 150days. interest on investment remains 15%

(12) Premature termination of investment is acceptable only with a 7-day advanced notice and 15% penal charge on the interest already earned up to the termination period.

(13) The above can only get better and will be fine tuned over time.

(14) Worst Case Scenario: Now compared to other trading platforms like Forex, we have a stop loss policy in the Crypto world. We left ours to 2%. So we have nothing to worry about for the next decade. That’s why for safety purposes we left the profit on investment at 15%.

Cryptocurrency has come to stay.

January 2017 one Bitcoin was 400k now its over 4M and growing. And Experts are predicting its going to $50,000 in 2018.

The Future of Bitcoin is Really and Truly Bright.

PuruxMine Investment Club



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