Piers Morgan’s wife, Celia Walden pleads with GMB to ‘bring him back after he was cleared by Ofcom

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Piers Morgan’s wife, Celia Walden has pleaded with ITV bosses to “bring him back” on the Good Morning Britain programme after being cleared by UK’s media regulator, Ofcom. 

Morgan was cleared by Ofcom after a record-breaking 58,000 complaints were made to the regulator about his remarks regarding Meghan Markle.

After the British TV personality said that he “didn’t believe” Meghan’s comments during her explosive Oprah Winfrey interview in which she said she felt suicidal, he quit the ITV show after bosses told him to apologise for what he had said.

His wife who made a surprise appearance on Good Morning Britain on Thursday September 2 for promotion of her new novel, made the plea after Morgan’s former co-host Sussana Reid joked that Piers’ “real wife” Celia was joining herself and Ben Shephard on the show.

Celia said; 

“You’d be a much better wife than me!. People were trying to play up the rivalry between us.

“If you can please bring him back … he’ll probably storm on!”

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Quizzed on whether her husband had received any other TV offers since the ruling, Celia teased that he had. She said; 

“I don’t think he’ll be kicking around the house for much longer.”

Susanna further described Morgan as a “toddler at daycare” when he was at GMB and that “what struck [her was that she] and Piers used to argue”, adding: “but you and Piers never argue!”

While Celia admitted that there had been some tense situations since Morgan’s exit, she said that they still didn’t argue too much.

Celia also said that she initially didn’t know what had happened after her husband stormed off the show six months ago. She added; 

“It was a big deal – there was lots of people outside the house and it’s been a very strange time. Piers has been very jubilant today, as you would expect.”

Sussana who asked Celia to send message to Morgan on behalf of the team, said “I was in an eternal argument because I disagreed with 99.9% of what he said.”

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