Piers Morgan blasts British Army for banning words ‘lads, sportsmanship and mankind’ in order to be seen as ‘gender neutral’

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Controversial TV host, Piers Morgan has blasted the British Army for banning the words ‘lads, sportsmanship and mankind in a bid to be more inclusive.

According to reports , UK Troops were told the word lads may cause offence even if no women were present.

Piers Morgan blasts British Army for banning words

Also, the British Ministry of Defence in its bid to be more gender-neutral also banned words like “mankind” and “sportsmanship”.

But Piers, has slammed the move on Twitter, writing: “FFS. Anyone that easily offended should not be in the British Army.”

Piers Morgan blasts British Army for banning words

Twitter users were quick to comment, with one writing: “We are trying to create an image of gentlemanly conduct piers. Especially in the army.

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“Prince Harry set the standards. Not to forget, ladies are a part of the army and cannot and should not be addressed as ‘lads’.”

But another wrote: “I’m female and have served in the Army.

“I use lads either to mean some blokes in general or some blokes & women who are doing good stuff for their country.”

A ban on women serving in close combat units was lifted in 2016 and since 2018 women have been able to apply for all military roles.

The Army has also introduced gender and age-neutral fitness tests, with the same standards required of male and female troops in tests such as press ups and running.

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