Oby Ezekwesili tricked with fake prophecy to run for 2019 Presidency

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Many were surprised when the Co-Founder of Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG), Madam Oby Ezekwesili suddenly joined Nigeria’s presidential race in October 2018 shortly before the close of nomination.

A lot of questions were raised about what prompted the former Minister of Education into joining the presidential race at such a die minute without adequate preparation.

Mr Rights have now exclusively gathered that Madam Oby Ezekwesili was tricked with fake prophecy to run for the 2019 presidential election in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation.

The fake prophecy was allegedly delivered to her in Lagos by a fake pastor known as Dania Emmanuel.

Recall that as at August 2018, Madam Oby was yet to be interested in running for the number one position in the country. As a matter of fact, she moderated an event organized by Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT) on August 31st 2018 to produce a consensus candidate among the new breed presidential aspirants at the time.

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However, Madam Oby suddenly joined the presidential race in October, picking the ticket of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) few days before close of nomination and many have been asking what prompted the former minister into making such decision.

Mr Rights has exclusively gathered that Madam was tricked by a fake pastor, Dania Emmanue, who was serving the interest of some vested interest in the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

It was revealed that Pastor Dania Emmanuel, who heads House of Praise (HOP) prayer center, located in Lekki, Lagos state Nigeria approached Madam Oby Ezekwesili with a claim of prophecy from God.

Sources in the know told this platform that Dania reportedly told the brilliant woman that God ordered him to inform her to run for the office of president, because she is the anointed one to lead Nigeria in 2019 and after delivering the fake prophecy and convincing her to buy the story, he was said to have washed her feet with bottle water, laid hand on her for prayer and also put some anointed oil on her. This prophecy, Mr Rights gathered, was responsible for Madam Oby’s sudden interest in the presidency. She now believed her candidature to be anointed or ordained.

However, further investigation by Mr Rights revealed that, Dania Emmanuel is a fake pastor being used by vested interest in the ruling party. He is a former Usher turned pastor at the Redeemed Church of God, who was sent back to Nigeria from their Indonesia branch over allegation of misappropriation of funds.

Upon his return to the country, he was protected by some powerful people in the church, the same people now using him for dirty political jobs.

Dania is currently a factional Chairman of Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), accused of being a mole in the party. The founding Chairman of the party, Dr Jay Samuel once told Mr Rights in an interview that Dania was planted into the party by some powerful people in the country. Dr Samuel also accused an undisclosed church of being behind the crisis in the party.

Also, Dania and Fela Durotoye were both accused of collecting N1.3billion from the All Progressive Congress (APC) through their network with Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, a claim denied by Durotoye.

It was then alleged that, ‘’the APC brought in N1billion few weeks to the presidential primary of ANN, among which N250million was given to Dania Emmanuel, a redeemed church pastor’’.

‘’Further investigation also showed that, Dania Emmanuel is embroiled in serious problem with his bank accounts and all his bank accounts remained inaccessible.

Findings show that, the bank verification number (bvn) has put Dania integrity into question. It was gathered that he operated different accounts with different names and date of births. This led to shutting his account by all his banks. And as at the time of that report, even the party’s account cannot be signed by him because he has a contradictory date of birth’’.

This is the same pastor who allegedly gave the false prophecy to Madam Oby and anointed her to be president in 2019, prompting her to join the race.

Mr Right’s sources alleged that, Dania is being used by the office of the Vice President to do some dirty jobs for APC. It was alleged that, because the APC felt it has lost confidence of the Nigerian people, particularly in the southern part of the country, they are doing everything possible to prevent serious opposition parties from gaining those votes they have lost. They want as many unprepared candidates to come in from those areas to waste the votes.

Madam Oby is known to be a popular person from South east with capacity to get considerable support from that region.

The reason for instigating her to run through fake prophecy is to ensure that the votes of people from south east, who are known to be very hostile to the APC is splitted and wasted.

Understanding that the intelligent woman may not buy into any shady deal that may tarnish her image, and considering how they have severally humiliated her over her demand for the return of Chibok and Dapchi girls, the APC through office of the VP decided to trick her into joining the race through fake religious prophecy.

Knowing that she is a religious person, getting an unknown pastor to approach and inform her of a supposed prophecy from God may get her to believe the genuineness of the prophecy.

Mr Rights also gathered that the APC, through office of the Vice President is doing everything possible to waste votes of the young people by sponsoring several unprepared candidates to run so that the votes of aggrieved young people, who may not vote for the APC can be wasted.

More details of the fake prophecy given to Madam Oby to be published soon.

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