Nollywood celebrities react to Regina Daniel’s alleged marriage

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By News Agency of Nigeria

Popular comedienne, Helen Paul, has raised concerns over various troll comments on the alleged marriage of a 20-year-old actress Regina Daniel to a famous billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko.

Paul took to her Instagram handle @itshelenpaul and on a video clip on Sunday, to suggest that rather than trolling, people should mind their businesses.

She wrote: “Hypocrisy of the highest order, ladies are used to killing and condemning each other.

“Do you know what she has gone through?

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“Do you know what pushed her and her family to go into such a marriage?

“There are people who get married at an older age and their husbands are using them as punching bag.

“Why are we quick to judge women? The woman did this, the woman did that, What about the men?

“Please let us leave issues that are sorted and focus on matters that truly need attention.

“Nigeria is so big. Plenty problems to be solved o…

“Every body na sinner! Better matter no go trend o.,” she wrote.

According to her, it was nobody’s business to determine the age anyone should get married.

She went ahead to advise the trollers to mind their business and probably go into charitable works as part of means of doing something meaningful with their time.

Similarly, Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha, had earlier advised people to stay away from Regina Daniel’s relationship with the politician, citing that as far as her mother approves of the union, it is nobody’s business.

“She has made her choice with the endorsement of her mother behind her to be a teen bride or adult bride, so let her be

“Most of her senior colleagues are busy sleeping with old politicians, pastors, fly to Dubai to sleep with old wrinkled Arabic men and married men and you all go hail them as slay queens.

“You endorse bad behavior as hard work. Islam permits more wives and she has made her choice.

“While I don’t and will never endorse teen marriage as a parent and mother, I wish her best of luck in all her endeavors,” she said

Meanwhile some fans took to their instragram handle to react to her statement and these are what some of them said.

@uyiade: Helen paul, make I ask you one questions, you go support your daughter to marry 60year old man, nobody dey deny the fat marriage na sweet thing, make e be the right way, nor dey talk like this ohh

@eniolapraise8:Bitter truth, she’s under a spell because it is not normal to marry your Grandpa…it either the man charmed her or she and her mother are playing game with the man…love is far from THIS.

@mcchaz_tv:Abeg Helen na lie! You won’t let your daughter do it abeg. I have personally not responded to this matter because e no concern me but this your video come make me respond by force. Anyway, all na entertainment.. All joinzzz

@bokimeakindele:This your foundation and powder sha🤦🏽‍♀️,this is not Helen’s real face o lol

@demish01:What if it wasn’t her will?.. What if it was her mother that pressured her or cajole her into it for her own selfish interest ?… She might be posing online looking happy but do you know what goes on in her mind every night?… I don’t know. It might be her will and it might not.

@babyflexy6894:I doñt want to judge her but been a fifth or sixth wife come on na helen. We have so many girls who are struggling yet no body kwn them but she started well just some little effort she will get there. I don’t think she loves the man.

@trophy_events:I love you Helen paul but I am weak to respond to this your comment . If mothers are the only ones to teach and correct there won’t be any need for teachers.

The 20-year-old actress, who happens to be the fifth child in her family started acting at the age of seven.

Her first movie was Marriage of Sorrow which earned her N10,000.

In April 2019, Daniels married her billionaire husband and ancestor, Ned Nwoko, who bought her various brands of Mercedes benz, as fifth wife.

The marriage was highly criticized on social media as many said the 20-year-old was too young to get married to a 59-year-old man.

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