Nigerian British Professionals Demand Holistic Approach to Tackle Infrastructure Deficit

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By Adedayo Akinwale

Nigerian professionals under the auspices of Nigerian British Business Forum and the Nigerian British Infrastructure Group, have demanded holistic and broad-based approach to address the country’s infrastructural deficit.

The Convener and President of the Nigerian Global Business Forum, Prince Afolabi Andu, in a statement issued Thursday expressed concern over the huge infrastructure deficit in the country.

Andu said there was the need to take drastic measure to address the current situation of infrastructure in the country before it spirals out of control with potential of disastrous consequences.

According to him, “We are concerned about the state of infrastructure in the country and we call on all stakeholders to adopt a holistic and broadbased view to tackle the situation, before it spirals out of control with potential of disastrous consequences.”

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Andu quoted panelists who participated in virtual presentation sessions to have called for strategic steps to be taken, to revive infrastructural deficits.

One of the panelists, Managing-Director of Kaidy Engineering, Dapo Sulu, was quoted that there was need for strategic partnership between Nigerian professionals and all stakeholders.

He said, “There are many highly qualified Nigerians who have over the years developed necessary technical and entrepreneurial skills, to help reduce Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit.”

Also, the Managing-Director of APD Project Management Ltd, Mr. Andrew Jibunoh, during his presentation was quoted to have said that Technical and Vocational Educational Training TVET had become important to achieve targets.

He reiterated the urgent need for Social and Economic infrastructure development which required the most investment.

“We can invest in roads and housing, we also need to have peace and security to enjoy it; this investment unlocks potential of most valued resource and youth population.”

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