NCF canvasses renewable, clean energy

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by Emmanuel Udodinma

As part of efforts to commemorate the World Environment Day this year under the theme, “Air Pollution,” the Nigeria Conservative Foundation has urged people to explore renewable energy and green technologies.

Speaking during the occasion, the Director-General, Nigerian Conservation Foundation NCF, Muhtari Aminu-Kano, stated that “Asides the effects of air pollution on the environment such as global warming, acid rain, etc., they have alarming effects on human respiration and health generally. The good news is, we can fix this by embracing practices such as agro-forestry practices, use of clean energy sources like hydro/solar, energy conserving stoves etc.

“NCF is imploring Nigerians to explore and adopt renewable energy, clean energy, live sustainable and be deliberate about conservation to improve the quality of air we breathe in. World Environment Day, is an international environmental awareness day celebrated every June 5, every year, is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment, as well as call for actions to promote environmental sustainability ,as the biggest annual event for positive environmental action,” the NCF boss noted.

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