Meet Witbanks Emerging Underground Hip-hop Queen

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Quick Question: How often do you bump into a fine lady with a taste for underground conscious Hip-hop?

Well I guess you’d say as frequently as you get to be on a Taxi to MTN Rank with one of the Gupta’s. I thought as much as well till I stumbled on Sluggish, a Mpumalanga based femcee who spits beautiful vernom on the mic and is inspired by Immortal Technique.

The common premise in the Hip-hop industry has been to objectify women and sell sex imagery. Sluggish chose the Lauryn Hill route, to be beautiful and still embody a conscious message. It is no longer uncommon to find a woman holding and mic and spazzing on break beats, but what is rare is an unsexualized message.

“To be honest I never really was find of hip hop growing up, I grew up listening to the likes of Beyonce, but then at a certain stage in high school I mixed with crowds that loved hiphop, I think I was doing grade 11.

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They introduced me to Immortal Technique, Dance with the devil soundtrack and I then started to follow up on his music. Since I was a poet, abandoned poet who never really took time to pen, I thought rap to be more interesting and decided to try it out.” – She says.

Given that background it is understandable that her top  emcees include , Immortal Technique, Rapsody, Ab-Soul, Illogic and Hopsin all of whom we know are not only big on lyricism but are truly underground. You can only get as good as whom you look up to.

To improve her skill and promote her music Sluggish has also from time to time doe performances whilst working on an EP which she will soon release for all to hear. She revealed that as she has grown she has been trying to make music for the people as opposed to making it for rappers. Her message targets the youth.

As far as performances, outside of South Africa if she were to perform within the continent she says she’d opt for Kenya. So I hope Kenyan promoters are paying attention.

“I feel rap is life to me it gives a better path for me to express my feelings spilling ink. The very first song I composed was “Midnight train..” She said, before she revealed her favourite song amongst her tracks and the depressing circumstances around it.

“…Celestial Soul (still thinking of a suited title for the song), a tune to my little one. I never really got to meet, but could feel her grow in my womb it was rather a heartfelt, depressing,sad recording that tune. I literally cried whilst recording but it spills all my emotions and I’m glad I finally put it on a beat that this soul might be gone but will never be forgotten.”

Many artistes use art as a medium to immortalize the people they cherish and as therapy for their depressing moments. Artistes in as much as they are a voice and pillar odf strength for their listeners cannot fulfil their purpose without their pillars of strength.

When asked who her pillars of strength were she said, “My Partner, brother in-law and all in my circle that I rap with.”

Unfortunately I have no streaming links to her music though I have heard it  while we wait for her EP in the meantime you can follow her on twitter via @Sluggish_SA and also feel free to follow me on @Mcpotar if you want to get in touch with me.

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