Media personality Emma Ugolee shares 5 lessons for intending couple’s from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding

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Media personality Emma Ugolee has shared lessons intending couples can pick from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: ”

1 : Age is no obstacle. If maturity is caught in a younger body and your heart beats for him, public opinion should not be in the way of your happiness. She is over 2 years older than he is.
2 : A Simple wedding with class is not a sign of poverty or unimportance. Global media going on and on now about the simple approach to key features of this royal wedding. A simple wedding dress, no multi layer cake, not so loud make up. etc. This wedding could have been twice as elaborate, after all her 1st wedding to a regular movie director was a 4day affair.
3 : Tribe is an outdated criteria for picking a partner. Many would still not marry an Ibo, Yoruba or Hausa man/woman. Love meant for you is not interested in the proximity of ancestral ties. She has a Scottish dad, black mum and he is as core Caucasian as it can get yet.

4 : Tradition isn’t more important than your personal circumstances. If the bride price for example, is traditionally ridiculously high, the girls family should compromise. Almost no wedding tradition is a must. Asoebi, colour of the day, 20 grooms men all subject to change or extraction.
Megan was walked by her fiance’s father because her father is sick. An all black choir was up in the church and a black American preacher who was quoting Martin Luther King jr, has British media calling the wedding a departure from sacred tradition.
5 : Every Divocee deserves a 2nd shot at a happy union. Many good hearted loving people have gotten it wrong with their 1st time choice of a spouse. This does not make them less eligible for marriage or less lovable. In fact they are often better equipped to make a marriage work. No one excluded remarrying from the advice to get up if you fall down. Giving up on marriage because you got it wrong with a first try is not exactly the wisest decision you have taken in your life _ Emma Ugolee.

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