Kenya energy minister orders electricity tariffs review to curb inflated power bills

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Kenya’s energy minister ordered the energy regulatory commission to review electricity tariffs after consumer complaints that monthly bills from Kenya Power had jumped in the second half of last year.

The commission, which is the independent regulator for the sector, sets tariffs for Kenya Power.

Kenya Power is state-controlled and it is the sole electricity distributor and the bulk of its power comes from Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen).

We are open for any scrutiny from any quarter.

Energy Minister Charles Keter, whose ministry is represented on the board of Kenya Power, told a news conference that the company was ready to be audited.

“We are open for any scrutiny from any quarter.”

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A group of Kenyan electricity consumers filed a class action lawsuit against Kenya Power in January, saying that their monthly bills jumped, some tripling, in the second half of last year. A court hearing is set for May.

Kenya Power has since advised that its consumers can get clarity on meter readings through a mobile application.

The company hopes that this will reduce cases of inflated bills that are currently plaguing their customers.

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