It’s just crazy how these guys are experts’ – Floyd Mayweather lashes out after being ranked behind Sugar Ray Leonard in list of best welterweights

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by bbcafrica

Floyd Mayweather is not happy after he was ranked behind Sugar Ray Leonard in a list of all-time great welterweights. 

Mayweather retired as an undefeated boxer with 50 wins in all his career fights and won fifteen major world titles, while his American compatriot Sugar Ray Leonard, 64,  who fought 40 times during his time, won 36 of his fights, drew 1 and lost three times. He won world titles in five weight divisions.

Reacting to the recent ranking, Mayweather, 43, told FightHype: ‘It was crazy, someone sent me something about ‘The Best Welterweights.’

‘They had Sugar Ray Leonard No 1. Like I said before, he was the guy that paved the way for myself.

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‘But how can you have a guy ranked No 1 when his first loss was to a lightweight, Roberto Duran?

‘And then they also talked about me facing [Juan Manuel] Marquez, which was at catchweight of 144lbs.

‘But this same guy, Marquez, knocked out their No 3 ranked welterweight – because they had Pacquiao No 3. He got knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.’ 

They were trying to say that basically he [Marquez] was too small for me. But he wasn’t too small for Pacquiao.’

The flamboyant boxer, who hung up his gloves after beating Conor McGregor back in 2017 added: ‘It’s crazy how all these ratings go nowadays. Of course, fighters are always gonna say, ‘I would’ve done this, I should be ranked here.’

‘But a lot of these so-called boxing experts, it’s just crazy how these guys are experts.

‘If you’re an expert, you’ve gotta really do your homework before you speak on certain things about boxing.’

by Linda Ikeji 

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