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Every great nation on earth is a product of good leadership. These great leaders in turn have been supported by their citizens who played their part in building their respective countries.
In Nigeia, our dear President Muhammadu Buhari has shown sterling leadership qualities which has placed our nation on the path of greatness. It is imperative that we show unalloyed support for our great leader who has inspired millions of people worldwide to always do the right thing.
To this end`, the ever resilient and dynamic Ndigbo people of South East Nigeria shall be hosting the next #ISTANDWITHBUHARI Conference on the 29th June 2018 at the Nike Resort Hotel, Enugu ,followed by a rally to show massive support of Ndi Igbo on 30th June in Enugu  Stadium .
This forthcoming conference has become imperative in order to chart a sustainable transformational course for our dear nation. As the 2019 General elections draw close, it is crucial for us to come together to support and celebrate the exemplary leadership qualities of our dear leader.
Indeed, President Muhammadu Buhari is a Man of Honour, Character and Integrity.
The cardinal role of the Ndigbo people in building the economy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria cannot be overemphasized or underrated hence the need  for proper consultation towards the  realignment of ndi Igbo back into mainstream national politics.
As we all aware that the President Buhari’s agenda to take our beloved Nigeria out of the woods remains unparalleled when juxtaposed with his predecessors.
Under his administration, our country has witnessed rapid infrastructural development which has ultimately boosted the socio-economic growth within the south-east geo-political zone
There are records of countless successful implementation of viable capital/ infrastructural development projects.  One of them is the completion of Port Harcourt – Enugu Express way.
Our man of integrity was also instrumental to the speedy revival of some abandoned capital projects such as the completion of Enugu – Onitsha expressway as well as the Second Niger Bridge amongst others which have since revived the commercial activities amongst the South Eastern states and other neighbouring states in Nigeria.We also want to thank him for remembering our biafra pensioners. Buhari is truly a symbol of unity.
Ndigbo, we must not allow our memory to fail us about how past and successive administrations failed in their promises particularly in fast-tracking the implementation of these above mentioned infrastructural development projects which have been serving as major boosters to the economies of South Eastern States in the last couple of years.
At this juncture, there is no gainsaying that our unflinching support for President Buhari would bring about a greater Nigeria, a Nigeria that we all dream of, a Nigeria that we all deserve, a Nigeria that is devoid of corruption, a Nigeria with equity and Justice, a Nigeria with equal opportunities for all and sundry both home and abroad.

Our solidarity for the Man of Honour, Character and Integrity, President Muhammadu Buhari is certainly the surest pathway for sustainable culture of exemplary leadership in Nigeria!

Ndigbo, Let us rise for the truth, Integrity and good governance!

Let us #StandWithBuhari!
God bless Ndigbo!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

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