Film Maker – Ideh Chukwuma Innocent set to fight kidnapping, sex slavery,child soldier and child abuse in new movie project (Pillars Of Africa)

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PILLARS OF AFRICA – [the story of the izambi republic]


Pillars of Africa is a project that originated from the desire not only to create awareness about the deadliest form of modern slavery- sex slavery, kidnapping, child soldier and violence against women, but also to start the process of the fight against it.

WHY SEX SLAVERY? – Pillars of Africa deals with sex slavery because it affects the “pillars of Africa”. WOMEN/GIRLS are the pillars of the world. Girls are kidnapped everyday in Africa and transported into slave camps where they will be drugged and sexually exploited for financial gain.

WHY CHILD SOLDIER?- this is a problem that has been in existence. The male child has been a victim of this. Young boys are kidnapped; brains washed and turn into rebels or child fighters [soldiers]. Many rebel leaders in Africa has used the male child as a means of fighting their wars.

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WHY KIDNAPPING?- kidnapping is always the first step that is taking before a female child is turned into a sex slave and the male child is turned into a child soldier. If we can put and end to kidnaping in Africa it will be the major start in putting an end to the other problems.

SAVING OUR PILLARS – Everyday, African children are exploited and we pretend not to notice. Every day, we loss at least 100 children to the cold hands of death because of the harsh condition of forced prostitution and fighting war and as that child dies, another child replaces her or her.

If this continues, where lies our future? If this continues, who will birth our future generation? For how long are we going to fold our arms and watch our children die needlessly?

The time has come for us to hear the endless cries of the African child and save our pillars.


PILLARS OF AFRICA –the story of the Izambi republic will be shot in LAGOS and PLATEAU STATE. Top class holywood and nollywood actors has been casted for this project. PILLARS OF AFRICA – the story of the Izambi republic is written, produce and directed by IDEH CHUKWUMA INNOCENT for OTABOR TV and HEAT FACTORY ICI PRODUCTIONS. Young actors will be giving opportunity to be part of this project. Auditions are to be held in LAGOS, ABUJA AND JOS. Dates and location will be announced soon.


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