Dubai Tourism Introduces Virtual Quarancation Series

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By Millicent Arebun Onuoha

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) has introduced Virtual Quarancation Series, aimed at cautioning the alleviation the effect of global Coronavirus pandemic which has negatively impacted the tourism industry.

According to statement from it, the Virtual Quarancation Series allows travellers who ordinarily would have made physical visits to Dubai historic sites and major attractions the opportunity to view the city from the comfort of their homes in what it called Arm Chair Traveller.

The pandemic currently facing the world at large has quelled the travel bug of most people with long-awaited and painstakingly planned vacations cancelled. As an Arm Chair Traveller, you get to travel and witness all the sights and sounds right from the comfort of your home completely free from all the hassles that normally come with travelling.

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing said it is a perfect way to experience Dubai from a distance for art lovers. “What if I told you can still have your dream vacation, visit all the museums and art galleries on your list while staying completely safe and adhering to all the needed preventive measures against coronavirus?”

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“It is called ‘quarancation’ and it’s perfect for you. You immerse yourself in regional Art and culture through virtual tours of some of Dubai’s best museums and art galleries,” it said.

The agency said anyone interested in experiencing the historical sights, sounds and scents of pre-modern UAE and discovering how Dubai’s great visionary leadership guided the city into becoming the vibrant place it is today can have a go at Dubai Museum, housed in the oldest building in the city.

Also, Virtual Quarancation allows visitors experience Etihad Museum located in the exact place where the UAE was founded, making it the perfect place to explore the story of how it all began.

“This landmark preserves key capsules of contemporary UAE history, allowing visitors to discover life in the UAE prior to the unifying treaty of the seven emirates.

“The Third Line art gallery in Al Quoz, which represents and supports contemporary Middle Eastern art on a local, regional and global level, is giving art lovers their fix through online virtual tours of its gallery. Virtual visitors can sign up with Art Basel to view the online viewing rooms.

“International favourite Art Dubai is taking its content online. The festival will come alive in the digital space and will feature its annual Global Art Forum which gathers original and contemporary thinkers into an intimate open space. Visitors will also be treated to a series of themed and curated performance art programmes and can enjoy over 500 artworks across in its online art catalogue,” Dubai Tourism stated.

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