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The Proposal: VOTE


Hi everyone so my name is Oluwatobi..
I just feel this group is active enough to be coordinated so that we can reduce our loss and ensure more efficient profit #together

  • the group will also determine the list of pairs we would focus on 10-12 where only 6/5 will be on the daily poll for a day and the other 6/5 for the next day and switched again on the 3rd day to the first set
  • so to reduce the daily pair analysis posted in the group by its members 2-3 pairs which will be determined via poll from the the selected 5/6 of that day

— So Strategically the whole group will be focused on 2pairs per day in the group u can choose to analyze more outside the group but dont share pair outside the two selected for that day.

  • showing off ur profit is not good for traders with itchy fingers pls consider them, share ur trade insights instead so they will learn/ earn and not feel pressure
    nobody is stopping you tho because its encouraging another set of persons to learn so if you are the one with itchy fingers, you can block the member and only you wont see the persons post
  • stop asking for money to trade forex, you wont be very cautious with it the same way you will be with money u worked hard for u will still loose the money.

Proposal: VOTE

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Method of Pairs Selection – VOTE


Pairs List:


Daily Pair Focus: VOTE


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