‘DICON will improve local content’

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Director-General of the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) Maj.-Gen. Victor Ezugwu has pledged to improve the local content component of the corporation’s manufacturing output.

He noted that Nigeria had the potential – human and material – to corner the country’s military hardware parts supply market.

Ezugwu spoke at the handing over ceremony at DICON Headquarters in Kaduna, when he took over from Maj.-Gen. Bamidele Ogunkale.

He praised Gen. Ogunkale for “laying a solid foundation in his deliberate efforts to reposition the corporation to greater heights”, which, according to him, was already yielding dividends.

The DG, who was posted to DICON from the Nigerian Army Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Kaduna, said he was delighted to see that his predecessor had made giants strides in DICON.

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Ezugwu pledged to deploy his 30-year experience to deliver on his mandate of “taking DICON to the next level” and promised that DICON would, under his watch, become “a pride of the nation”.

He noted that “the array of achievements recorded in improved small arms production, excellent staff accommodation, implementable MoU’s with local and foreign partners” would create the catalyst for sustainable growth of DICON.

Ezugwu added: “My tour of duty in DICON will focus majorly on local content. I believe Nigeria has vast human and material resources which, if well harnessed, can push our foreign partners or suppliers out of business.”

Gen. Ogunkale recalled that when he assumed office, there were myriads of challenges, but he made deliberate efforts to harness the potential of various directorates “as well as synergising the activities of all sectors for improved and efficient service delivery.

“When I took over leadership of DICON, the level of efficiency of most of the machines at the Ordinance Factory were rated below 10 per cent, which implied a dim hope for resumption of production,” he lamented.

The outgoing DG added that with unwavering commitment by the management, the efficiency level of the machines was raised to 90 per cent bench mark.

by Robert Egbe

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