Cleric: No one can force any religion on Nigerians

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By Brendan Umoren

Alhaji Adam Ayokunnu, head of Yoruba Community Central Mosque, Umuagu, Asaba, has declared that nobody, not even President Muhammadu Buhari, can force any religion on Nigerians.

Speaking to newsmen weekend in Asaba, the Muslim cleric stated that Nigeria is too big for such an unpopular policy.

According to Ayokunnu, “Nigeria is a big country. One person cannot islamize Nigeria, even when the child you give birth to decides to accept a particular religion, would you force him or her”.

“With our population of over 160 million, it is not possible for one person to impose Islamic religion on everybody. It cannot happen because the government handles any issue that concerns religion with care.”

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While harping on the need for Muslims and Christians to live together in unity as seen in other climes, he declared that regardless of religion, any worship without a true heart of love is in vain.

“The President is a Muslim and the Vice President is a Christian, no amount of money can make the Vice President turn to a Muslim” he added.

He however attributed the killings in various parts of the country to ignorance, tribalism and lack of education, stating that the high number of unemployed hands has contributed to increased insurgency and other nefarious acts.

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