‘Both boxers reached all time great status’ – Iconic boxer, Mike Tyson finally reacts to Tyson Fury’s win over Deontay Wilder

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Iconic boxer, Mike Tyson has finally reacted to Tyson Fury’s sensational heavyweight victory over Deontay Wilder, calling it ‘one of the greatest fights’ ever.

Fury won a tumultuous contest in the 11th round after knocking out Deontay Wilder even though Wilder tried knocking out Fury twice in the fourth round. 

Boxing greats, icons and pundits have since reacted to the October 9 fight, except Mike Tyson who had since predicted a Tyson Fury win.

With Fury still undefeated,  Mike Tyson, aka ‘the Baddest Man on the Planet’  55, has tweeted his approval of the terrific clash.

‘Fury vs Wilder fight will go down as one of greatest. Not for skill but for action and excitement,’ he said on Twitter.

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‘That fight was all guts, heart & determination. Everybody won Saturday night. The fight was bigger than the hype. 

‘Both of them reached all time great status.’

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