Birthday + Wedding Anniversary = Trip to the Maldives! All about Tara & Fela Durotoye’s Special Weekend

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Tara and Fela Durotoye are having a very special weekend.

The power couple is currently in the Maldives for a special trip as they celebrate Fela Durotoye’s birthday and their 18th wedding anniversary.

The couple also shared sweet words for each other.

Tara wrote:

This man 18 years ago was given to me As a GIFT !
I knew it then and now that I won a JACKPOT😀
Olufela….Happy 18th anniversary to us and Happy birthday to you .
Thank you for being the real meaning of a HUSBAND .
I am confident because you flame all the good things about me .
I can dream big because your dreams for me are bigger .
I love NIgeria because I live with one who shows his love for NIgeria by the example you set .
You make me a better Christian cos when the chips are down you will ask “what will Jesus Do?”
I feel beautiful ,sexy ,wanted and cherished cos you say it in your eyes when I walk pass you ,you say it in your words when I am with you and not with you .
You make it very easy to submit ,support and respect you .You don’t insist ;you only show the example .The example of a considerate man who puts his family first .
You give me space to be me (the good ,the bad & the ugly )
I know them ;I have worked on some ,have failed at many but your emphasis are on my good .As you say “focus creates blindness”
You still make me smile when you walk into a room .
Your smile,your thoughtfulness ,your compassion,kindness .
I have seen you in your highs and in your lows and still my heart throbs for you .
When I am 48 I want to be like you .
Cheers to more years with you .
I celebrate you ,I honor and my respect is for you .
Oko mi


I started our journey 18 years ago calling you “broda” because of how you dotted over me ;Asking if I had eaten ,asking about how the day went at work ,coming up with business solutions or helping with picking up the kids (even though you always seemed overwhelmed by 😄)etc .
After a few years I changed your name to “sugar “ as it was the only word that could describe your sweetness & generosity .
“My Lord” is the name I call you when you tell me off with your piercing eyes or ignore me for days if you think I haven’t treated anyone well or any one of the other things that I do to drive you nuts 🤦🏾‍♀️. Today I call you are my hero !
I saw a side of you that was tested ,pressed ,challenged but I saw your values unwavered & I saw you rise and respond.You made me proud to live in the same house as you .
Your children are proud of you and so am I .
You live your conviction with gusto!
You believe and you DO!
Your spirit is UNBREAKABLE !
And you make allowances for those who don’t see what you see .
You make it easy to love you .
Happy birthday Ayinde mi

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Fela wrote:

I dont know how this girl does it … she makes my heart beat so fast but somehow manages to keep my blood pressure perfectly normal.

Please help me thank @TaraDurotoyefor 18 years of Heaven on Earth and help me wish her a Happy Wedding Anniversary.
I pray that God will bless everyone who wants this and more with such a precious gift of Love, Peace and Joy … Amen??? #SunsetInTheMaldives


See the photos below……..

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