Arrest Of Strippers At Abuja Night Clubs

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By Jonathan Nda-Isaiah

For the past two weeks, over 100 ladies have been arrested in Abuja at night clubs. The FCT Joint Task Team which comprises of the Department of Development Control, Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) and the Social Development Secretariat (SDS) had embarked on closure of strip clubs within Abuja. So, with the myriad of problems bedeviling Abuja – crime rate in Abuja is at an all time high, the street lights are not working, stopping at traffic lights at night is sure way of getting robbed or kidnapped – the priority of the FCT administration is arresting girls at strip clubs. These are some of the reasons why Nigeria will remain a third world country. When other countries are thinking of upgrading to the 5-G network and securing its citizens with the latest technology of drones and security surveillance, the FCT minister, in all his wisdom, decided that raiding night clubs should be his Next Level agenda. So, night clubs is what is making Abuja a third rated city. These FCTA officials said some of the girls were clubbing, so I want to ask them: what exactly happens at night clubs? Prayer meetings? How come it was only girls that were arrested; were the girls just dancing with each other or were all their clients females? What happened to the males in the club or because they are men, they have immunity from arrest? If prostitution is a crime, is clubbing also a crime? A time will come when FCTA officials and the police will be arresting girls walking on the road under the guise of sanitising the city. This moral policing by the FCTA administration and police in Abuja should stop. Enough of this nonsense.

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