AFAC 2017: Commissioner of Tourism calls for cultural revival

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Mr Muyiwa Oladipo, Commissioner of Culture and Tourism in Ogun has advocated for cultural revival to checkmate and stop cultural heritage and values from going into extinction.

Oladipo made the called while addressing newsmen during the’Ogun Day,’ on the sideline of the African Arts and Craft (AFAC) Expo, on Wednesday in Abuja.

The Ogun Day is a special day for participants from the state to showcase their arts and cultural potential in the expo.

“There is the absolute need to revive our culture, we started it in Ogun two years ago with the ‘Nigerian Drum Festival’.

“I remember when we were organising it, people saw drums and instruments they never believe they existed; Instruments like Ekwe, Goge, kongo, etc, even our wear, cuisine and all that.

“The western cultures were practically killing our culture, so there is the need to revive our culture to impede their total erosion. What AFAC is doing is in the right direction, ” Oladipo said.

He said the major fabric in the state was ‘Adire’ adding that the fabric has been used to make shoes, bags,window and door blinds, suit and many more.

According to him, “culture has come to stay and that culture and tourism are the future of the country in terms of revenue generation.”

He commended the Federal Government on its effort to boost the culture and tourism sector in the country.

“However, the Federal Government cannot do it alone; everyone should be involve in making effort to ensure the revival of our culture.

“Everybody has a talent that God has put in him or her. If anyone has talent in culture related area, such a person can come out and display it.

“The state is open to people with talent in drums and other cultural skills,” Oladipo said.

Highlight of the day included entertainment by the Ogun cultural troupe.

Similarly, special Cuisine like Ewedu, Ofada rice and others from the state were served to audience at the event.